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7 Plate Ionizer

7 Plate Ionizer
7 Plate Ionizer

7 plate ionizer 

This type of 7 plates of a water ionizer is used commonly all over the world depending on the quality of water, power supply and other factors. The effectiveness of water ionizers has to do with the no of plates with engineering skills. It delivers the electric current to water through positively and negatively charged ions. 


Power requirements

240V to 260V 

Filtration system 

Alkaline water

Acidic water

Ph level 

0.6 is acidic 

7 is neutral 

More than 7 is alkaline 

Material of  plates 

Platinum or titanium plates 

Plate number

7  plates 

Electrolysis method 

Continuous electrolysis 


An activated carbon filter with multi-level specialised filtration 

7 plate ionizer features: 

  • Activated carbon filter reduces the content of fluorides, heavy metals and kills bacteria 

  • Multi-level segment further reduces the sediments present making it more clean 

  • Automatic cleaning of the plates  after each use 

  • Inbuilt features of smart touch and LED panel for easy use 


Varies from product to product ( 6 months and can be extended to 3 years) 

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