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electrolux 1 door digital freezer, 600lt,-790133

 electrolux 1 door digital freezer, 600lt,-790133
electrolux 1 door digital freezer, 600lt,-790133

Electrolux door digital freezer 

This door digital freezer is equipped with the automatic temperature panel. Inbuilt air conveyors help in activating frosting and defrosting when necessary.  



600 litres

Supply voltage 

220-230 V/1 

Refrigerator operating temperature 

Minimum -  -22C 

Maximum-   -15C 


Stainless steel 


Width: 720mm

Height: 2000mm

Depth: 780-800 mm

Cooling type


Operating mode 

Ventilated and electric 

Electrolux 1 door digital freezer, 600lt,-790133 features 

  • Automatic lock door 

  • Automatic evaporation for fast defrosting 

  • Easy to clean 

  • Doors with a magnetic seal that ensures perfect closure of refrigerator door 

  • Proper coated and galvanized steel ( prevents rusting and provide long la-lasting operations) 

  • Automatic temperature controller avoids condensation around the door frame and also prevents the more heat to build in the refrigerator. 

  • The door can be open up to 180 degrees and is self-closing due to magnetic pull built-in. 


The warranty and guarantee period of every product of Electrolux varies from 6 months to 1-2 years 

Payment and taxes 

Some proportion has to be prepaid and the rest one can pay on the delivery of the product. 

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