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Auto Hand Sanitation

Auto Hand Sanitation
Auto Hand Sanitation


Infections can be spread in various ways, but the primary means of spreading is hand to hand contact. The use of hand sanitizer is crucial as it helps to wipe out the germs which are present on the hands. The sanitation of hands (either gloved or ungloved) is an important part of contamination control, to avoid person-to-person cross- contamination. Moreover, not only is the use of a hand sanitizer needed prior to undertaking such applications, but it is also crucial that the sanitizer is effective at eliminating a high population of bacteria.

Product Description: -

Hand Sanitization Machine is a state of art, selection fully automated, electronic machine with unique features. Hand sanitizer Machine is convenient, portable, easy to use and not time consuming,


Technical Details

• Type                                     Wall Mounted

• Body Type                           ABS

• Capacity                              8 to 10 Ltr,

 • Unit Dimension                 325 mm X 230 mm X 850 mm (Approx. )

• Sensing Distance                Up to 400 mm

• Weight                                 6 kg. (Approx,)

• Power                                   230V+5%

Benefits of waterless hand sanitizer:

 • Require less time than hand washing.

• Act quickly to kill microorganisms on hands.

 ▪ Are more accessible than sinks , Reduce bacterial counts on hands.

• Do riot promote antimicrobial resistance.

 • Are less irritating to skin than soap and water. Some can even improve condition of skin.

• Hand sanitizers are convenient, portable. easy to use and not time consuming.

Where to use:-

• Corporate Offices & factories. School & colleges, Hostels, Hospitals, Shopping mails & complexes Hotels,Call Center,MNC,  Airports, Railway & Bus Station, Theme Parks, Waiting/rest rooms, Movie Halls  Etc.


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