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Danfrost Ice Cube Machine

Ice Cube Machine up to 682 kg 

ice machine 18 kg
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Model: ice machine 18kg
MAIN FEATURES It’s portable ice machine for home and or office use ,more so it can be used professionally ( no piping required)Its slim enough to be placed at the counter Have the capability to make large ice cubes , despites its small sizeEasy to use as you just plug it to power supply an..
Ex Tax:₹75,000.00
Model: ice 682
MAIN FEATURESUnique patent siphon drainage that makes scale not to be piled up and make the ice more crystal clearBy design, cold light lamps makes the ice more clean Optical intelligence voice system  can report faults ,making it more convenient for usage and maintenanceMODEL NOSK-1500PCE..
Ex Tax:₹365,000.00
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